Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My Greatest Memory So Far...

it’s only a short memory, but my god what a memory to have…
Let me take you back to the Festival Too, in King’s Lynn, #SivaSaturday 10th July 2010….
I wanted to go to the free Festival my local hometown has every year, on the last night, they always get a couple of really good celebrities in, i wasnt paying much attention this year, as i had been away at University, so hadn’t heard much about who was performing, but my friend said it was a Take That tribute band, and Lemar, so naturally i wanted to go..
Being in a wheelchair in this case was a massive advantage, I’m not one to play the wheelchair card, but wheelchair users and a +1 get to sit in front of the audience fences for a better view, and we managed to get right in the middle! SCORE!
Take That 2 came on, were very good, and then they started playing music while setting up mics and stuff for what i THOUGHT was gonna be Lemar, and then the DJ/MC came on and said now its time for THE WANTED!!! and i was like oh i love All Time Low (thinking it was the dj playing it..) I look up at the stage and OMFG 5 gorgeous men jump on stage singing ‘Lets Get Ugly’!!!! I’m not gonna lie, I screamed like a little schoolgirl! (my friend Emily is a witness to this xD) and i was dancing and singing through 5 whole songs! it was amazing, and they all waved to me!
but it gets better yet!
they came off stage and everyone ran to the fences but the bodyguards were having none of it, being in front of the fences i nicely asked one of the people who worked there if i could meet the band, and they said theyd ask and they said YES! I WAS THE ONLY PERSON TO MEET THEM! :O they all came over one by one giving me a hug and a kiss, and Siva (bless his heart) introduced himself and I (stupidly) went ‘I Know Who You Are *giggles*’ smooth Aimee. then Jay came over and said ‘hey i saw you dancing, you’re a right mover!’ haha yeaaaaah! and then we all had a picture and it was beautiful, i said thank you and went back to my seat, as they had to leave…just typing this is making my heart melt.
You may be asking, why are you telling me this? I’m telling you because ive realised recently, that memories start to fade, and this is a reminder for me how great that day truly was, and unexpected (id have dressed better if id known! xD) and that great things can happen to good people, and that i think of that day every single day of my life, and its a memory i refuse to let fade…
I <3 The Wanted…thank you for creating the best moment in the world for me…
So many good The Wanted related things have happened to me since too! (i won max’s scarf, i went to the milk gig, ive been tweeted by @Thewantedmusic (who are also following me for winning the scarf!) @jaythewanted (but i didnt save it and now its gone forever) and @sivathewanted has tweeted me a few times! eep! still waiting for Max, Tom & Nathan, but i have faith!)
All My Photos from that night can be found in this album - I started it from The Wanted Pictures (there’s a beauty of Max looking and waving right at me!)
I was also lucky enough to go to the Make Mine Milk gig, and I didn’t get to meet them, but Jayne (their manager) took the photo of us I was hoping to get them to sign for me, and sent it back to me signed! I will forever be in Jaynes debt for this!
The Wanted MakeMineMilk Gig Photos:
Say it on the radio live -
Milk Drinking Comp Live -
While we’re on the subject of The Wanted and how amazing i think they are..
I’m trying to get the chance to sing with them, as singing is my passion, and they are my inspirations..
if you could take 2 mins of your time to Sign my petition id be most grateful!
I also have a twitter twitition going too, if you have twitter could you please sign both?

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