Monday, 14 March 2011

Radio 5 - Completely Out Of Order...

today this was recorded and posted online

Radio 5 decided to "review" The Wanted's Single 'Gold Forever' which is the Official Charity Single For Comic Relief 2011

Now as a member of the #TWFanmily (look it up if you don't know what this means haha!) I may be slightly biased, but even so I think many people will agree that this review was harsh, rude, and extremely uncalled for.

If you don't like a song, then fine, as Jay states "you cant make music that pleases everyone and hopefully it pleases some people" and this song pleases a LOT of people. this review however, does not please ANYONE. if you don't like certain music, that's your choice, everyone likes different things, but if you're going to review music live on air, you have to be diplomatic, and give VALID reasons as to why you didn't like it, not just "I didn't like it, but the intent was good, it might sell because of that.." May I remind readers which single got to Number 2 in the charts a few hours after it was released on Sunday?! GOLD FOREVER!

The woman then goes on to say "they're more A1 than Take That" you can't compare A1 to Take That!? they're completely different! and A1 were amazing in the 90's and they're still together, Take That were the first real boyband, so of course they've done well..but this is completely invalid. She then has the cheek to say it sounds like everything else they've done?! Has she even LISTENED to The Wanted? NONE of the songs sound anything alike...they are all different in their own amazing ways...these critics are clearly deaf..

The worst critic was the last man to speak who says "Its not memorable enough, it's easily forgotten.." WHAT!? this song is catchy, up to date, upbeat, and the lyrics speak to you, they uplift, and make you feel good about life, and personally make me remember the good times in my life, (such as being lucky enough to have MET The Wanted myself...)

I don't know what these three people are on about, but if you've got the balls to say bad about a Comic Relief single, then you clearly need your head checked...and this video will not go down well with the #TWfanmily...I feel a storm brewing...a fanmily storm...all hell is about to break loose on radio 5...


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