Friday, 29 April 2011

Bullies & Haters...

Haters call me Gay, but that ain’t hating, cause I’m not homophobic, my morals are straight, and if I’m in the closet, then you are below me, taking the B A T out of basement homey! xD
Bo Burnham - I’m Bo Yo
All my life I have been a victim of bullying, hating, whatever you wanna label it..In primary school one girl turned almost my entire class into taking the mick out of me through my whole yr1-6..she even resorted to trying to put a screwdriver in my head…but didnt thankfully.
Bowling back in school
In high school a group of the “popular” kids (who noone liked) used to say the most horrible things to me, and in class used to put rulers and weights on my chair and tie me to things so i couldnt move. this might seem quite funny to some. but i can assure you it wasnt.
in high school was when i really started getting into performing arts, I’d always been a singer but i started getting into acting and dancing outside of school. inside of school i hated it because the people in the class made me feel so small…
High School Prom
When I got to College…there was ONE person who decided to make my life miserable..and noone liked it…and FINALLY..people didnt take it anymore..and neither did I..she almost got suspended and I got taken into hospital (i should note this has nothing to do with hate…i had to have an OP - long story) and because i was in for so long.. i missed a lot of that year and started the course again…thankfully with a lot nicer people…best thing to have happened for me to be honest.
In college I was lucky, because I made some amazing friends, and my confidence grew and grew again…and i realise now that the hate actually made me stronger.. and the person that I am today…
Me As A Lead In We Will Rock You - College
Why am i telling you my life story? I’m telling you because a lot of people at the moment, both celebrities and non-celebrities, are getting hate from people online and off… including as of tonight - ME. which is why im writing this blog. because I see so many people self-harm and much worse around me because of cyber bullying and In real life bullying..and I want to show that it CAN get better, I am living proof of that. I’m not saying that I’m suddenly this amazing person, but through my awful experiences, though at the time it was SO hard, and at times I felt like i just giving up, like I was worth absolutely nothing, that noone would EVER love me because I’m ugly, because noone will ever love someone in a wheelchair, and whats the point of me, noone would miss me. and do you know what…I’m so glad I was realised I was WRONG.
Thankfully I managed to not let these people see that I was hurting inside, and I grew with confidence slowly and accepted who I am, and that noone can change me and should change me. I’m not going to lie and say nothing affects me now..because things do, we all have our insecurities, I’ve just grown a harder shell, and learnt how to let things go over my shoulder…to an extent.
Now I should note I am not saying you should CONDONE this in any way. Bullying is wrong on any level. what I AM you aren’t alone. and you can get over it and have an amazing life.
Bullies are people who have nothing better to do with their lives than to pick on people they think will be vulnerable and let the things they say hurt them. The best way to avoid this is to do NOTHING. Do not respond, just throw it away, like it means nothing..even if it does..because what they for you to react..if you dont react..eventually they get bored. I know this from experience.
Basically what I want to if you get hate from people, whether it be twitter, tumblr, facebook whatever…don’t let it get to you, as hard as it sounds, these people are pathetic low-lifes who have no lives themselves, and think their lives will be fulfilled by making others feel like crap. but whatever you NOT do something you may later regret…if you are lucky enough to get that chance. So many people commit suicide and self-harm because of this, and it saddens me that people get to this point where they feel they cant go on alive. and I would hate to see any of my followers become one of these people. so I speak to those people, and to anyone whos ever known someone,or heard of someone who has tried to kill themselves…it DOES get better…and you CAN make something of your life..because you ARE worth something, and you are an amazing human being no matter what anyone says.
since realising this, i got top marks in college & I went to uni, and became entertainments officer for my Student Union, & joined the Cheerleading Squad
UoB Extreme Cheerleaders - Barbie Theme Night
and the thing that keeps me the most determined in life to achieve my dreams? Music. I know that sounds really cheesy but its absolutely true…
BustedMcfly & The Wanted are just 3 of the people who i absolutely Idolise, and their determination, and talent, to get to where they are (or where) truly inspired me to start singing and achieve my dream….one day…they keep me determined to keep my spirits high and try whether i fail or whether i succeed. and yeah okay it might seem silly, but do you know keeps me going..and sometimes..thats all you need. something there to keep you going. I’m sure everyone has something in their lives that gives them a reason to do things…this is mine. Recently I’ve found so many amazing new bands (such as Hill Valley HighThat Sunday Feeling,LawsonParadise PointGMD3) who are still trying to make it..and it makes me so happy to see these people doing what they love despite the odds…
You are beautiful. Inside & Out. Forget the haters. The People Who Mind Don’t Matter & The People Who Matter Don’t Mind. that is my motto in life. - people to talk to when you don’t feel you can talk to someone close by.
if you ever need someone to talk to..I am here as well, I can’t promise my advice will be amazing, But I’m willing to listen, and to be there… the best place to get me is on twitter as i have it on my phone so its on 24/7 the only time I may not answer is if I’m asleep, but rest assured I WILL reply asap.
if you really wanted…you can hear me sing here
Keep Smiling. Positive Outcomes Only. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait. (Trust Me On That One)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

There Are Some Sick People In This World...

Before I rant I should probably tell you the story behind it….
recently there has been a lot of people hating on each other on twitter. I don’t know why, thats none of my business, but some people are getting extremely upset to the point they are self-harming and worse. which is why this story is so sick and twisted. because the person I’m about to talk about…faked it for attention.
A girl on twitter who goes by the name of @Sykes_Hat recently got sent hate for (as far as i can tell) no reason, now as this hate seems to be going around at the moment to random people, a normal person may be upset, but would ignore it as its online, they cant hurt you, you just report them, ignore them, even go off twitter for a while, and leave it at that. but this girl decided to respond in a way I never expected. she pretended on twitter that she had attempted to commit suicide, and had been unconscious and found by her bedside, and taken to hospital into intensive care, she then pretended that her “friend” had signed into her account outside her hospital room, and was keeping us “updated”. now I thought this was fishy already, because having been in intensive care MYSELF, i know for a fact you cant have phones or internet access anywhere near intensive care because it sets off the machines and other reasons…so suspicious part number 1.
she then started a twitition to get @nathanthewanted to follow her so that when she “wakes up” she will have something nice to see… a lot of people signed this, and people who refused got a lot of hate for it. - suspicious part number 2
then she gets angry cause people arent believing her..and leaves the account to “go home” from the hospital…why does she need to come off her “phone” when shes leaving anyways? - suspicious part number 3
Now my first thought was..if your FRIEND IS UNCONSCIOUS in intensive care..the last thing i’d be worrying about is tweeting. I would be by my friends bedside hoping for the best. now i kept most of my real feelings to myself and my friends because god forbid if it WAS true I would’ve felt truly awful about it…
TODAY… @nathanthewanted and @tomthewanted followed her and Tom contacted her asking where the hospital was, so that they could visit her…(an amazing gesture i think you’ll agree) and @Sykes_hat replied saying but shes unconscious? and Tom replied again saying that they can send a get well card and visit when she IS conscious, and how she must know what ward shes on? (which she should right?) and yet again @Sykes_hat made a bunch of excuses..
and THEN her friends from school tweeted saying that she’d actually been in school ALL WEEK! and suddenly out of NOWHERE…@Sykes_Hat is FINE and has been “hacked” funny that….
now this is the part where i get angry…and I feel i have every right to.
what kind of sick person makes up that theyve committed suicide..and just to get a follow from Nathan & Tom (who have both now Unfollowed her). Nathan & Tom and a lot of #twfanmily shared a LOT of concern for this girl, only to be taken for a fool. I know a lot of people who have genuinely committed suicide and self-harm and it is NOT something to be taken lightly..
thousands of people a year commit suicide due to many different reasons, and to hear someone essentially “take the piss” makes me so mad.. I have been in and out of hospital all my life (not for suicidal reasons thankfully) and it is one of the most awful places to have to be, i was there for 8 months of a year one time (which I’m not going to go into) and i would NEVER make up such a terrible terrible thing.
A lot of the #TWfanmily are worried now that because of this @TheWantedMusic are not going to be able to trust them anymore, and start meeting fans less, I sincerely hope that each of the boys are a lot smarter than that, and realise that we are not all like that, and that that ONE person doesnt ruin it for the rest of us. I honestly believe all hell will break loose if it does.
This girl is clearly not right in the head, and it sounds as if the hospital might be the best place for her if she has thoughts like this. maybe counselling?
I hope this will not tear the #twfanmily apart..but bring them together. like a #truetwfanmily we come together in times of need.
Something to remember: all actions have consequences, think about what you say or do before you say or do it, you never know what effect it will have on someone. Forget the haters, the people who mind, dont matter, and the people who matter, don’t mind. everyone is beautiful, inside and out, in their own way, we all forget that sometimes..make someone’s day..remind them once in a while :)
Suicide is a serious matter. never ever take it lightly.
if you have been affected by this please visit

Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Wanted - HMV Hammersmith Apollo - #WantedWednesday 6th April 2011!

You know how I said in my very first blog, that my greatest memory so far was when I met The Wanted back on 10th July 2010? this story blows THAT story way out of the water! (by which I mean that 10th July goes down to my 2nd greatest memory haha!)

So I got to London about half 2, dropped my things off at Jimmeh's (my Friend who I went with) and noticed he had curly hair and a lizard shirt on...guess who I immediately thought of haha! (Jimmeh had no clue! doh!)
We made our way to the bus stop..(which seat can I takeee....NO NO!) and I saw THIS and just had to do what it said ;)
So the bus was a massive hour away from hammersmith, but saw some pretty cool sights, Kensington, Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park, Doctor Who Experience...haha!

When we got to The HMV Hammersmith Apollo I couldn't believe it..there was NOONE outside..for a moment I thought we were at the wrong venue, then I realised it was only 5pm! (And I spotted this!...)
so we waited outside for a while and out of NOWHERE came thousands of crazed fans walking up, within about an hour of being there..(I was first in line woop!) after a while we spotted GMD3 going into the apollo but they were too quick for me to snap a picture..damn! but thankfully, not long after, out the back gates (right next to where I was)...out came LAWSON! (warm up act for TW if you haven't heard of them?) who were all lovely and wonderfully polite! (and VERY good looking...take a look for yourself!)
Me & Adam
 Me & Joel (and his cheesiest grin ever! as he put it!)
 Me & Andy
Me & Ryan
Lawson Also gave me this!
By this point I had got super hyped because Lawson are brilliant,( they're LAWSON AWESOME...oh dear!) and are DEFINITELY gonna be huge very soon! :)
By this point it was around six ish and I was looking forward to going in, but still had another HOUR! but then...out pops Twenty Twenty! :O I RAN over to the back door straight to Sam J Halliday and said hello and had a cheeky lil picture! ;)
then I went over to Sonny Watson-Lang and we had a cheeky chat and a picture!
and last but most certainly not least came Jack S Halliday! who promised to look out for my tweets! of course had a cheeky lil chat with him & a picture!
and was time for the SHOWWWWW! at this point my voice started cracking..the concert hadn't even started and I was losing my voice..tryed to save it by drinking an entire bottle of water which helped a little!
So I got inside and first thing I did was bought my Merchandise!

Then I went in and found out my seats were RIGHT AT THE BACK! :( gutted! still pretty close as on the bottom level,but we weren't in the light so The Wanted had no hope of seeing me! ah well could've been worse!
I then saw a couple of #twfanmily who I'd spoken to on twitter which was awesome and chatted to them when suddenly Lawson came on stage! they were amazing live...they are definitely going to be big (like I said haha)
heres a video I recorded of them singing Katy Perry's FIREWORK < click
Lawson Performing
Next came on the awesomeness that is Twenty Twenty! I myself love them, and was gutted when I couldn't see them at their own tour, so this made me very happy! Their energy was amazing! Superwoman - their 2nd song is immense! look out for it! I recorded their first single Love To Life HERE and I've preordered it on!
Twenty Twenty Performing 
Then after Twenty Twenty came on an act who goes by the name of Starboy Nathan. He was pretty good! Not what I expected to see at the gig, as he reminded me more of a warm up act for someone like Ne-Yo,Usher, even Justin Bieber haha! But I still enjoyed his music, and he stripped off at the end ;)
Starboy Nathan with Backing Dancers
Then of course came the reason I had been there since 5pm...The Wanted!!
First off came a massive screen with Sky News HD on it claiming there were 5 Diamond Jewel Robbers on the loose...and showed their prison pictures (which were gorgeous!) and told a little story about them, (this Sky News thing happened everytime they changed outfits..was a really good idea and really got you going into the story! it had clearly had a lot of thought and time put into it!)

Then of course The Wanted came on in their Jail Outfits haha! with swinging bars in front of them singing 'Behind Bars'!

I won't tell you every song they sang because that would take a lot of time, but the running theme of the story was the jail robbers, and how they escaped Jail, went on the run (singing Lets Get Ugly!) and ran away to Las Vegas and much more! (if you want to know the whole story you'll have to buy the Tour DVD! ;P)

after a few songs they got their instruments out! (literally...dirty minded people!) Nathan with his Keyboard, Tom, Max & Siva with their Guitars..and Jay with his Tambourine haha!
They then sang an acoustic of Hi & Low, which was beautiful and everyone got their phones out waving them! Then they sang their Live Lounge cover of Animal by Neon Trees which can be found HERE (oh I do spoil you ;P) which was absolutely amazing and my favourite cover by The Wanted besides Kickstarts so was very happy to hear this! They then sang Iris, which sounded beautiful, and then got up ready to start singing more of their own songs,(what they do best of course!)
Then the boys went off stage, and the house lights came on, everyone started freaking out because it blatantly wasn't over...hard to believe, but I actually had figured out what was coming, and I was right! to my right aisle...Jay & Max...To My Left, Siva, Nathan & Tom! I could barely see them through the crowd but I spotted Jay's hair moving along haha! it took them so long to get through but they got up on stage and WOW! SUITED AND BOOTED! They scrub up well ;) They Sang their new single LIGHTNING! which you guys are going to LOVE! its amazing! More singing then ensued! Siva then started talking about Taio Cruz and how the band loved him, and they did a Medley of Taio Cruz songs with a mix of their own song MADE in there..which of course I have for you guys!
Not Long after they sang Gold Forever...which meant it was almost over...*sigh* or so I thought...

The Wanted walked off stage and the lights came up, and of course the crowd were screaming when I suddenly went.."hang on a minute...they haven't sung All Time Low yet?! They're coming back!" to which the crowd then started chanting 'ALL TIME LOW ALL TIME LOW' and of course the lads were back on in new outfits almost immediately singing All Time Low which sounded amazing of course!

and then of course, like all things ended, and I walked out of the Apollo and headed Straight for the back did hundreds of others.. it was about 11ish, and the security were saying to everyone 'The Wanted are in an afterparty and wont be out till 2.30am at least!' a lot of people left half an hour later..not me. I wasnt going ANYWHERE. I'd been there since 5pm and had no intention of leaving till I'd seen The Wanted leave...even if it meant waving to them in their car..So waited I did.
Twenty Twenty came out to say Hi and Jack said bye, Sam & Sonny gave me a hug and signed the program (I didnt have any Twenty Twenty stuff for them to sign unfortunately!) and then they went back inside the apollo..we then saw Lawson leave in their car, and we spotted PARADE!!!! I ran over to Parade but a car was blocking my path so didn't get to them in time before they got in the car, but the manager saw me and took my email and twitter and hopefully am getting a pic sent to me which is awesome! thank you lady! I then went back to wait for The Wanted..
By this point there was only about 15 of us left as it was about half 12, and most people were on the verge of going it was freezing! (I now have a cold haha!)
the gates then opened and out came Twenty Twenty's van who we waved to and they waved us goodbye, which was then followed by a white blacked out windows van....which we figured had The Wanted in..and we were right..everyone started waving at the van, and watching them leave when BAM! 
Van stopped right in front of me..door opened and out came Tom, then Jay,Siva,Max & Nathan! I couldnt believe my eyes!

I froze then realised what happened and ran to Tom as he was first person I spotted! He gave me a hug and said 'hiya y'alright babe' and I spoke to him and asked for a photo, he said yes, and then turned AROUND! haha so I cheekily pinched his bum and he looked and went 'OH YEAH sorry!' (too busy chatting up the fit girls I reckon!) so got a cheeky little picture with Thomas Parker! he also said "we almost didn't come out of the van, we weren't going to!" I'm so glad they did!
Then I looked over and spotted Jay McGuiness who I promise what I'm about to tell you is COMPLETELY 100% true!
Jay came up to me (said hello how are you etc..generic greetings haha!) gave me a big Jaybird hug and said 'I read one of your tumblr blogs and I always read your other ones...and..their hilarious..and, you should keep doing them!" :O that boy made my life! not kidding! I told him that as well haha! So if you are reading this Jay, Hello! and thank you for being amazing! you are such a lovely genuine guy and I'm so lucky to have met you AGAIN and honoured you like my writing ( I hope this is good enough for you as well! tweet me and let me know @bunnyaimee) we then had a little chat and I made him laugh so I managed to get TWO adorable pictures with the Jaybird. I really wanted his Jacket by the way, wish they had sold them at the Merch bar!

Then of course I turned around and who was there? SIVA KANESWARAN! (apologies for caps, if you know me or have seen any pictures of my t-shirt above, you'll get it!) he said "hello darlin!" and gave me quite possibly the biggest and longest hug and kiss on the cheek I will ever have which is now imprinted on me forever! (he remembered me and clearly knows how much I like him haha!) he then started chatting to me for absolutely ages! he bent down talking to me and I had my hand on his leg and he had his hand on my arm, and when I told him I'd been there since 5pm he said "why are you still  here? why have you been here all this time?!" and I said "to see you! I came to see you!" and he had the most caring smile on his face and hugged me again, we then chatted about other stuff and he signed my program with hearts and kept chatting to me when he started to get up as he'd been chatting for a while to me about different things, and we had a picture, and I asked him to tweet me again as it'd been ages..nothing yet...(hoping for a follow!) he asked me if i was coming to the gig the next night as he walked would not believe how gutted I was that I didn't have tickets for both days after he asked that...

Then out of nowhere I heard 'y'alright DAAARLIN' and Max George popped down next to me with the cutest cheeky smile that he has! he signed my program and had a picture as well, and a short chat he said he remembered me from Kings Lynn which was awesome! oh and Max...I accidently went home with your Sharpie...SORRY! :O

Max then had to go and I went "thats cool I just gotta say hi to Nathan now..." turned around and I couldn't see Nathan anywhere?! I went "wheres Nathan?!" and I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder..turned around "Oh Hi Nathan! I was Just wondering where you were!" to which he replied "I know I heard you haha!"
he gave me a massive hug and bent down to chat to me for the same amount of time as Siva if not longer! he signed my program, had a picture, and kept his arm round me..I said to him 'random question, but do you remember me?' and he said 'yeah I do, you were at that gig outside in umm.." me: "kings lynn festival too" Nathan: " thats it, cause the gig was amazing and we met you afterwards for a while and then we stayed in this really creepy old hotel...etc" and I told him the place they stayed in was haunted to which he replied "omg really..I thought I saw someone in my room!" and he looked genuinely freaked out so i gave him a hug and he laughed haha so hopefully he was joking! 
after our long chat, they all got pulled away by Big Kev (yeah!) and taken back into the van (Tom quite literally got dragged in bless him!) and we said our goodbyes and watched them leave...and then I realised I hadnt got Tom or Jay to sign my program...WHOOPS!

So as you can probably tell I was overjoyed with that night, and it was truly one to remember, theres so much more to say, but I think this blog is long enough now haha! its longer than Neytiri's Body! (Jays Lizard!)

So This is now my newest greatest memory...and now I'm sure you can see why!
I have found an even greatest respect for everyone of these guys now, they didn't have to get out of their vans, or stay for half as long as they did, and take the time to chat to me and say and do all those amazing things, it truly is the little things that make the difference! I hope one day, If I ever make it as a singer, that I can be as great to my fans as they are to the #twfanmily...

PS: @Samjhalliday DID tweet me!
PPS: Woke up this morning to find @NathanTheWanted following me back on twitter! :O

Full Pictures Of The Night:
Album 1 -
Album 2 -
Album 3 -

Videos if you missed the links above
Lawson - Firework 
Twenty Twenty - Love To Life
The Wanted - Animal
The Wanted -Taio Cruz Medley & MADE

Unfortunately I haven't been able to make a video blog about this yet, but until I do please take a look at my #WantedONEsday video which took me 2 days to complete! ENJOY!
(ps: there are loads of other wanted related video blogs on my youtube as well, and plenty more to come! so subscribe if you like! there are other non-wanted video blogs too of course!)

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