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Bullies & Haters...

Haters call me Gay, but that ain’t hating, cause I’m not homophobic, my morals are straight, and if I’m in the closet, then you are below me, taking the B A T out of basement homey! xD
Bo Burnham - I’m Bo Yo
All my life I have been a victim of bullying, hating, whatever you wanna label it..In primary school one girl turned almost my entire class into taking the mick out of me through my whole yr1-6..she even resorted to trying to put a screwdriver in my head…but didnt thankfully.
Bowling back in school
In high school a group of the “popular” kids (who noone liked) used to say the most horrible things to me, and in class used to put rulers and weights on my chair and tie me to things so i couldnt move. this might seem quite funny to some. but i can assure you it wasnt.
in high school was when i really started getting into performing arts, I’d always been a singer but i started getting into acting and dancing outside of school. inside of school i hated it because the people in the class made me feel so small…
High School Prom
When I got to College…there was ONE person who decided to make my life miserable..and noone liked it…and FINALLY..people didnt take it anymore..and neither did I..she almost got suspended and I got taken into hospital (i should note this has nothing to do with hate…i had to have an OP - long story) and because i was in for so long.. i missed a lot of that year and started the course again…thankfully with a lot nicer people…best thing to have happened for me to be honest.
In college I was lucky, because I made some amazing friends, and my confidence grew and grew again…and i realise now that the hate actually made me stronger.. and the person that I am today…
Me As A Lead In We Will Rock You - College
Why am i telling you my life story? I’m telling you because a lot of people at the moment, both celebrities and non-celebrities, are getting hate from people online and off… including as of tonight - ME. which is why im writing this blog. because I see so many people self-harm and much worse around me because of cyber bullying and In real life bullying..and I want to show that it CAN get better, I am living proof of that. I’m not saying that I’m suddenly this amazing person, but through my awful experiences, though at the time it was SO hard, and at times I felt like i just giving up, like I was worth absolutely nothing, that noone would EVER love me because I’m ugly, because noone will ever love someone in a wheelchair, and whats the point of me, noone would miss me. and do you know what…I’m so glad I was realised I was WRONG.
Thankfully I managed to not let these people see that I was hurting inside, and I grew with confidence slowly and accepted who I am, and that noone can change me and should change me. I’m not going to lie and say nothing affects me now..because things do, we all have our insecurities, I’ve just grown a harder shell, and learnt how to let things go over my shoulder…to an extent.
Now I should note I am not saying you should CONDONE this in any way. Bullying is wrong on any level. what I AM you aren’t alone. and you can get over it and have an amazing life.
Bullies are people who have nothing better to do with their lives than to pick on people they think will be vulnerable and let the things they say hurt them. The best way to avoid this is to do NOTHING. Do not respond, just throw it away, like it means nothing..even if it does..because what they for you to react..if you dont react..eventually they get bored. I know this from experience.
Basically what I want to if you get hate from people, whether it be twitter, tumblr, facebook whatever…don’t let it get to you, as hard as it sounds, these people are pathetic low-lifes who have no lives themselves, and think their lives will be fulfilled by making others feel like crap. but whatever you NOT do something you may later regret…if you are lucky enough to get that chance. So many people commit suicide and self-harm because of this, and it saddens me that people get to this point where they feel they cant go on alive. and I would hate to see any of my followers become one of these people. so I speak to those people, and to anyone whos ever known someone,or heard of someone who has tried to kill themselves…it DOES get better…and you CAN make something of your life..because you ARE worth something, and you are an amazing human being no matter what anyone says.
since realising this, i got top marks in college & I went to uni, and became entertainments officer for my Student Union, & joined the Cheerleading Squad
UoB Extreme Cheerleaders - Barbie Theme Night
and the thing that keeps me the most determined in life to achieve my dreams? Music. I know that sounds really cheesy but its absolutely true…
BustedMcfly & The Wanted are just 3 of the people who i absolutely Idolise, and their determination, and talent, to get to where they are (or where) truly inspired me to start singing and achieve my dream….one day…they keep me determined to keep my spirits high and try whether i fail or whether i succeed. and yeah okay it might seem silly, but do you know keeps me going..and sometimes..thats all you need. something there to keep you going. I’m sure everyone has something in their lives that gives them a reason to do things…this is mine. Recently I’ve found so many amazing new bands (such as Hill Valley HighThat Sunday Feeling,LawsonParadise PointGMD3) who are still trying to make it..and it makes me so happy to see these people doing what they love despite the odds…
You are beautiful. Inside & Out. Forget the haters. The People Who Mind Don’t Matter & The People Who Matter Don’t Mind. that is my motto in life. - people to talk to when you don’t feel you can talk to someone close by.
if you ever need someone to talk to..I am here as well, I can’t promise my advice will be amazing, But I’m willing to listen, and to be there… the best place to get me is on twitter as i have it on my phone so its on 24/7 the only time I may not answer is if I’m asleep, but rest assured I WILL reply asap.
if you really wanted…you can hear me sing here
Keep Smiling. Positive Outcomes Only. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait. (Trust Me On That One)

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