Sunday, 3 April 2011

McFly - Above The Noise Tour - Wembley April 1st 2011!!!!

This was my FIRST McFly concert, the last time I saw McFly was the warm-up for Busted which was a good 7 years ago! So I should note before I start that I was more than excited! (Plus McFly are absolute inspirations to me, they've worked so hard to achieve their dreams, and they made it, and they give me the strength & determination to believe that one day, I can too...) anyways...enough about me haha!

We got to Wembley Arena around 5.40 ish and all we saw was Pioneers EVERYWHERE! the queue was going around the building! but thankfully, (as much as I hate to use it) being in a wheelchair has its advantages and we got to go STRAIGHT IN! I got my t-shirt, Poster & Program, & went and sat down for the Pioneer Q&A, (which ended up just being McFly chatting & messing about on stage for about 15 minutes because there were WAY more pioneers there than any other concert on the tour and it wouldve been mental trying to hear questions. not that I was was hilarious!)
The guys were so funny even though they weren't on for long but "obviously" they had to go and get ready to perform!
After a while the show started and an AMAZING band called That Sunday Feeling opened,and opened with a BANG! their songs were absolutely fitting for a McFly gig and a great way to start the concert! I've posted a video that I recorded of them HERE! (btw...the bassist totally looked at me! ;)

after That Sunday Feeling, came on a band called City Stereo, who were also pretty good! Similar style of music so again fitting to the concert!

Then came on...The do I explain this band to you?...imagine 80's Glam Rock style..with a frontman trying to be a mixture of Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Mick Jagger & Michael Jackson..that pretty much sums hims up haha! his vocal range was crazy! but the music...not really my thing..dont get me wrong I enjoyed it, but not a band I would've expected to see there!
Then of course came the reason I was there....MCFLY! there were massive Crests from Supercity hanging up flashing the colours which were AMAZING!

And then came the boys! starting off with a little bit of Party Girl! The gig was! words cannot describe the immensity of it all! it was also livestreamed for Pioneers on the SUPERCITY website for free! and theres a Documentary being made called 'McFly On The Wall' who were also filming as well!
I wont go into major detail of the concert as it would take WAY too long but highlights included...

  • McFly performing a song from each album so far including Transylvannia (my favourite song!) which you can watch HERE! (I'm so good to you guys!)
  • Tom's DAD Bob Fletcher came on stage & performed 'Smile' with the boys!
  • a Massive walkway square lowered down and the boys performed on it with Dougie DIRECTLY in front of me *sigh*
  • Massive Crest Coloured balls thrown into the audience (who kept knocking them back on stage haha!)
  • Dougie going all Gospel on our asses cause he was wearing his 'HOLEY JEANS' xD
  • Harry Showing us his left nipple! Video HERE
  • Danny Jones singing Pass Out by Tinie Tempah! Video HERE!
  • Fire!!!! <3 McFly Sign and blast cannons!
there was so much more but I'd be here all day telling you just how AMAZING it was! :)
so eventually it had to end..though thankfully they came on for 2 encores which was awesome! :D

(heres a few pictures to show you just how close I was!!!)
We got out of the stage area after they had come off stage and the City Stereo band was hanging around so got a pic with the frontman..and who was with him..only Jemma Mackenzie-Brown aka Tiara Gold from HSM3! I looked at her and went 'you look so familiar' (knowing where from but not wanting to make a total fool of myself incase it wasnt her!) and she looked at me and mouthed 'High School Musical?' and I was like OMG YES! haha she was lovely enough to have a picture with me as well and very friendly!
Then we got outside the arena, and realised we had missed our trains home! oops! had to wait until 1st trains the next morning..but turns was totally worth it...let me explain..

As we realised we had nowhere to really be, we decided to head for the back doors and see if we could get a glimpse of McFly...we waited for 3 hours! the guys from That Sunday Feeling came out and Jay (the cute one who looked at me!) talked to me for over an hour! and Joe (the lovely frontman) was talking to us too! poor old dave (guitarist!) he was lovely but out of his head after only 6 stellas haha! I've been told he doesnt remember the gig at all (gutted for him! he gets to play at Wembley & he has no recollection of it!) Jay said he LOVED my t-shirt and he almost gave me his!!! (but as he fairly pointed out he didnt have anything to replace it with and it was cold!)
Then they left and The Struts & City Stereo walked out and waved bye..The Struts frontman was singing his own lyrics to us and asking us to repeat them back but we didnt know the words haha!
by this point a lot of fans had given up and left, so there was about 20 of us left (roughly) when Danny got in a car with blacked out windows..didnt say bye or anything! :/ then the people from 'McFly On The Wall' documentary came out and interviewed me and a few others which was awesome! (who knows I could be on tv!) then, a guy in a car stopped in front of me and threw an Access All Areas pass at me & told me I could go inside! but I tried to and the security guard (extremely rudely I might add!) said I couldnt go in..gutted!

Shortly after Tom's car came past, he opened the front window and stuck his beanie out waving and shouted BYEEE! haha which was sweet! (I'm guessing Giovanna was probably in there too!) [sidenote: turns out my uncles fiancee's cousins cousin is Gi!) we then got told there was one more McFlyer left, meaning either Harry or Dougie had gone already...(turns out it was Harry as not long after Dougie came past in his car not blacked out) it stopped right in front of me, and I shouted his name and waved, he waved back! the car stopped at the traffic lights and i wouldve had a photo to show you had the spanish girl (who decided to shout to dougie that she was spanish) hadnt got in the way
Then we left because they shut the doors meaning all of McFly had left...was kind of gutted I'd missed Harry completely..or so I'd thought...

We decided to walk round to the Mcdonalds nearby because my friend was hungry, we walked into the car park and who did we see standing there with a couple of friends?! only HARRY JUDD!!! I couldn't actually believe my eyes! he came over and said hi to me and we had a brilliant chat, including him asking if id been to the concert, and I said it was amazing and it was my first Mcfly gig in 7 years last time I saw them was warming up for Busted to which he replied 'Where Have You Been?!' haha! and he also said goodbye to one of his friends and went 'this isnt my boyfriend' to which I replied 'No, we know, Dougie is your Boyfriend!' and he laughed and said 'Yes Dougie is my boyfriend!' he also confirmed that there will DEFINITELY be Pioneer Meet & Greets after the tour which is wicked! (and that hell remember me and look forward to seeing me EEP!) He then spotted the AAA pass, and said 'OMG can I borrow this, you can totally have it back I just..RICHARD COME OVER HERE!' and the guy ON the pass came over haha (we wondered why he was on the pass and not McFly..apparently its an inside joke because hes one of Dougies best friends?!)
I then had a photo with Harry as did my friend which was AWESOME! I then cheekily asked him for a hug to which he replied 'yeah of course you can!' hehe it was so warm and WOW! hahahaha! he went shortly after our chat but gave me another hug and was absolutely lovely!
To meet 1/4 of one of your inspirations is amazing enough on its own, and then to find out they're even lovelier and down to earth in person is just the icing on the cake really!
Overall the day was definitely one to remember! That concert was 7 years worth the wait, and something I will be talking about in years to come! and afterwards...well that was just an amazing bonus!

Thank You McFly, Tom, Danny, Dougie..and Harry! :) Was THE most amazing experience..cant wait for the Meet & Greet!

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Aimee Talbot
Bunnyaimee :)


  1. Sounds like you had such a good time the other night, the photos are wicked!
    I'm so jealous of your AAA pass and your photo with Harry though (Which is super cute)! :)
    I don't think that's the lead singer of City Stereo though, he looks like 1/3 of a band called 'The Midnight Beast' who are awesome!

  2. hey Layna! thanks for your comment! gutted i couldnt use the AAA pass!
    Ash was in fact in City Stereo, as I was only 20 feet from the stage, and I spoke to him after, he may have been/may still be in 'The Midnight Beast' but it was definitely him! :)

  3. Wow!
    This is so good! And meeting Harry in McDonalds? Just wow. I know exactly which McDonalds you're talking about as well.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it just as much as I did when I saw them at the LG Arena last Wednesday.
    I met the boys nearly 4 years ago on the up close and personal tour in Reading and they were all lovely.

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing night, so glad you got to meet Harry after all of that waiting.

    Just saying - Ashley definitely isn't in City Stereo, me and my sister (who is a massive Midnight Beast fan) were front row and spent most of the support bands trying to get his attention - he was sitting a few feet away from you for the majority of the show with his girlfriend.

  5. yeah since i wrote this i found that out xD my bad!!!
    was he really? i wonder where he was sitting then?...but then i didnt really know who he was so i guess i wouldnt have noticed haha