Thursday, 28 April 2011

There Are Some Sick People In This World...

Before I rant I should probably tell you the story behind it….
recently there has been a lot of people hating on each other on twitter. I don’t know why, thats none of my business, but some people are getting extremely upset to the point they are self-harming and worse. which is why this story is so sick and twisted. because the person I’m about to talk about…faked it for attention.
A girl on twitter who goes by the name of @Sykes_Hat recently got sent hate for (as far as i can tell) no reason, now as this hate seems to be going around at the moment to random people, a normal person may be upset, but would ignore it as its online, they cant hurt you, you just report them, ignore them, even go off twitter for a while, and leave it at that. but this girl decided to respond in a way I never expected. she pretended on twitter that she had attempted to commit suicide, and had been unconscious and found by her bedside, and taken to hospital into intensive care, she then pretended that her “friend” had signed into her account outside her hospital room, and was keeping us “updated”. now I thought this was fishy already, because having been in intensive care MYSELF, i know for a fact you cant have phones or internet access anywhere near intensive care because it sets off the machines and other reasons…so suspicious part number 1.
she then started a twitition to get @nathanthewanted to follow her so that when she “wakes up” she will have something nice to see… a lot of people signed this, and people who refused got a lot of hate for it. - suspicious part number 2
then she gets angry cause people arent believing her..and leaves the account to “go home” from the hospital…why does she need to come off her “phone” when shes leaving anyways? - suspicious part number 3
Now my first thought was..if your FRIEND IS UNCONSCIOUS in intensive care..the last thing i’d be worrying about is tweeting. I would be by my friends bedside hoping for the best. now i kept most of my real feelings to myself and my friends because god forbid if it WAS true I would’ve felt truly awful about it…
TODAY… @nathanthewanted and @tomthewanted followed her and Tom contacted her asking where the hospital was, so that they could visit her…(an amazing gesture i think you’ll agree) and @Sykes_hat replied saying but shes unconscious? and Tom replied again saying that they can send a get well card and visit when she IS conscious, and how she must know what ward shes on? (which she should right?) and yet again @Sykes_hat made a bunch of excuses..
and THEN her friends from school tweeted saying that she’d actually been in school ALL WEEK! and suddenly out of NOWHERE…@Sykes_Hat is FINE and has been “hacked” funny that….
now this is the part where i get angry…and I feel i have every right to.
what kind of sick person makes up that theyve committed suicide..and just to get a follow from Nathan & Tom (who have both now Unfollowed her). Nathan & Tom and a lot of #twfanmily shared a LOT of concern for this girl, only to be taken for a fool. I know a lot of people who have genuinely committed suicide and self-harm and it is NOT something to be taken lightly..
thousands of people a year commit suicide due to many different reasons, and to hear someone essentially “take the piss” makes me so mad.. I have been in and out of hospital all my life (not for suicidal reasons thankfully) and it is one of the most awful places to have to be, i was there for 8 months of a year one time (which I’m not going to go into) and i would NEVER make up such a terrible terrible thing.
A lot of the #TWfanmily are worried now that because of this @TheWantedMusic are not going to be able to trust them anymore, and start meeting fans less, I sincerely hope that each of the boys are a lot smarter than that, and realise that we are not all like that, and that that ONE person doesnt ruin it for the rest of us. I honestly believe all hell will break loose if it does.
This girl is clearly not right in the head, and it sounds as if the hospital might be the best place for her if she has thoughts like this. maybe counselling?
I hope this will not tear the #twfanmily apart..but bring them together. like a #truetwfanmily we come together in times of need.
Something to remember: all actions have consequences, think about what you say or do before you say or do it, you never know what effect it will have on someone. Forget the haters, the people who mind, dont matter, and the people who matter, don’t mind. everyone is beautiful, inside and out, in their own way, we all forget that sometimes..make someone’s day..remind them once in a while :)
Suicide is a serious matter. never ever take it lightly.
if you have been affected by this please visit

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