Saturday, 10 November 2012

Review Of 'One Stag ft. Nikki Petherick - Cherry'

Today I'm reviewing the song 'Cherry' by One Stag aka Frankie, a solo artist from London, featuring Nikki Petherick.

On first listen of this song, many different musical genres & artists popped into my head. and i thought, if one person can put so many different styles into one song, and make it work, you know its a winner.

The first thing I picked up on with the song was the harmonies, and how well Frankie & Nikki's voices blended together, a musical treat to the ears. The wide variety of musical instruments within the song was also something that worked to their advantage. the music is light and airy, but not overpowering to match their soft tones in the vocals. 'Cherry' is definitely a well-thought out written song that you can imagine in the soundtrack of a TV Series or a movie, as the lyrics tell you a story, and send emotions through the music. Depending on your mood, it could be heard as both a sad or a happy song, for myself it uplifted me and made me want to dance around, but i could also see myself listening to this if i felt sad, which is a great thing, because it means the song (and presumably the artist if future songs are to be similar) has a wide range, as opposed to being the kind of music you can only listen to if you're in the right mood (like Adele for example).
if you're a fan of bands such as The Kooks, The Killers, Lawson, Ed Sheeran, Tom Law, etc... you'll love One Stag. And even if you're not, give it a listen anyway, New music is the way forward, and you'll definitely be seeing a lot more of One Stag around!

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