Thursday, 3 April 2014

My YouTube Thank You Thoughts...

It's been a long while since I actually sat down & watched some old school type youtube videos (by that I mean vlogging/skits as opposed to celebrity interviews, music videos, & another cat yawning) & I have today, figured out how to get the Internet, and therefore youtube, onto my smart television, which for me is fantastic. One of the disadvantages of living at home & having an extremely small room, is that I don't have a desk, & getting my laptop out can be a chore/effort & my phone takes far too long to buffer for me to not want to pull my hair out.

Now its fair to say I was "catching up" on my subs as, like I said, I haven't been on youtube much (& ever since youtube decided to change its subs section, I can never find all the videos I haven't seen without physically checking every channel I subscribe to - and I sub to around 80, so I'm not gonna do that! - I miss when it had a channel name, and all the unwatched videos underneath it with little x's that you could cross them off when you had - ah nostalgia, take note youtube, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!)

It's been a while also since I actually posted a video too, not because I don't want to, but because I just haven't had the motivation, I've literally sat there ready to make a video & just procrastinated because the idea of actually sitting there and editing one made my brain scream. Tonight that feeling is starting to go away. Thanks to my tv. Actually thanks to a certain youtuber.

Charlie McDonnell.

Most of you, if not all of you (you really all should haha) know him as Charlieissocoollike, possibly (I'm not 100% sure) the biggest youtube vlogger in the UK, or at least he was when I started vlogging. Charlie has been someone who, without even knowing, has helped me through a lot of my life from around 16 years old.

He was the very first youtuber I ever discovered, by total accident, & he is the main person/reason I decided to give vlogging a go, and I have never looked back. His videos have made me laugh, smile & learn so much over the past 8 years (Christ it's been that long?!) & I have found myself many a time relating to exactly what he's talking about, even now 8 years down the line, (i guess thats cause as hes growing up, i am too - were the same age) he also reminds me you dont need the best equipment/editing suites to make good content (which is an easy way to feel when a lot of youtubers right now do have access to these things) he has a way of engaging you, like he's actually talking TO you, which is an extremely difficult thing to do (trust me I know!) & watching him grow as a youtuber & a person has been wonderful & insightful, & has probably shaped the way I have grown too.

Youtube is now a very large part of my life , in fact I'd even go so far as to say I wouldn't be completely me without it. I can't even begin to think how different my life would be had youtube not become a part of it, and I do have Charlie to thank for at least a part of that. I have made so many friends through this, (and found many other youtubers I adore!) and weirdly (but awesomely!) Ive been recognised in the street on a few occasions (one occasion got me a free cupcake woop!) & again if not for youtube, and the friends I've made along this journey, I'd probably just be lost.

I realise this might sound like I'm just "fangirling", and that's not the intention, for I do not see myself as a "fan". I have met Charlie on several occasions & even though usually brief, is always very lovely, & even though he's shy, the more we speak, the more comfortable he seems, which is great (at least I hope haha! Last time we met he even made a joke about me - cheeky sod!) I just wanted to share my respect for someone I appreciate, and have a lot of respect for, and without whom, I would probably still be that shy, girl in the corner, worried about how people would treat her because of her wheelchair, but now? Well you guys know that's not me! (Seriously if you've been to Summer In The City you'll know exactly what I mean aha!)

The main point I was originally trying to make is that after catching up on Charlie's videos, he has got me, once again, out of my funk & wanting to make videos again. No other youtuber has ever managed to do that for me, and no other probably ever will. So thank you Charlie, I hope you continue to make videos for as long as they make you happy, because they certainly do for me. :)

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